Lime stone is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock consisting of calcium/magnesium carbonate. It is being used by almost every industry i.e. fertilizers, food nutrients, construction, chemical, paper & pulp, metallurgical, oil refinery, agriculture etc. in one or other form.


Source CaCO3 CaO MgO
Rajasthan 97.50% 56.00% 1%
Karnataka 90% 48.00% 2%
0-5 mm 5-15 mm 10-20 mm 20-40 mm 40-90 mm

Uncover the Richness of Jodhpur's Limestones: An Inside Look into Limestone Mining in Jodhpur

Welcome to Rajasthan Lime, where we cordially encourage you to delve into the amazing world of Jodhpur limestones and the enthralling field of Jodhpur limestone mining. We are here to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the distinctive geological marvels and the mining techniques that have made this area famous for its limestone deposits as a top industry expert.

The Jodhpur limestones: A marvel of geology:

The quantity of limestone resources near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, has long attracted the attention of geologists and business professionals. These natural beauties have been sculpted over millions of years, producing a wide variety of limestone variations that are used in industry, building, and other fields.

Jodhpur's Long-Storied Limestone Mining Tradition:

Generation after generation has carried on the venerable heritage of limestone mining in Jodhpur. This area has a long history of producing fine limestone from the depths of the ground, greatly advancing India’s industrial and economic development.


We at Rajasthan Lime are proud to have contributed to this heritage. Our dedication to environmentally friendly mining methods combined with cutting-edge technology guarantees that we provide premium limestone products that satisfy a wide range of client demands. Visit our website to learn more about Jodhpur limestones and the painstaking procedures involved in the mining of limestone in Jodhpur. Rajasthan Lime is your go-to partner for discovering and using the marvels of Jodhpur’s limestone resources, whether you’re looking for important geological knowledge or trustworthy limestone providers.

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