Lime in bulker 

Lime plays a crucial role in bulkers, especially in industries like construction, agriculture, and environmental management where lots of wastage, moisture,  and odour takes place everyday Lime acts as a powerful potent in stabilizing all the wastage and odour.

Roles of Lime in Bulkers:

  1. Neutralization: Lime is an alkaline substance and can be used to neutralize acidic materials. In bulkers carrying acidic substances or waste materials, lime can be added to neutralize the acidity, preventing corrosion of the container and other associated issues.
  2. Odour Control: Lime is effective at neutralizing odors. In bulkers used for transporting organic materials, such as food waste or sewage sludge, lime can be added to control odors and reduce the risk of microbial growth.
  3. Waste Treatment: Lime is commonly used in waste treatment processes to stabilize and treat various types of waste materials, including sludge, biosolids, and industrial by-products. In bulkers used for transporting these materials, lime may be added to aid in the treatment process and reduce the potential for environmental contamination.

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Bulker is used for transportation of heavy objects from one place to another. Lime plays a vital role in bulkers. We Rajasthan Lime Bulk lime distribution in India provide efficiency, quality, and sustainability throughout the production spectrum. Collaborate with us to unlock fresh possibilities in bulker and transportations and shape a brighter, more resilient future.